• Enjoy camping in Japan!

    Japan is a country with beautiful seasons
    so camping in Japan is a close contact with the nature
    and an experience to understand the charms of Japan to the fullest.
    Besides, many of the 3,700 camping sites in the country
    are close to famous sightseeing spots and tourist facilities,
    some of them even have hot spa (or have one nearby).

    Japan is charming for this unique variety;
    while you are planning your accommodation at hotels and Japanese ryokan,
    flexibly you can add one night at a camp site to fit your traveling plans and needs.

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The Japanese camping style

There are many different kinds of camping styles in Japan like in camping car and glamping while the most common one is putting all necessary items into your car, build your own tent and enjoy cooking your unique dishes. Normally, there are specific areas to build up the tents instead of having them scattered freely. Some camp sites also offer multiple styles like having camping cars and glamping in different areas. Camping is a family activity, but also popular for couples and single campers.

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What is "nap"?

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