Lake Yamanakaside, front view of Mount. Fuji.


Accessible within 2 hours from Tokyo, Kanagawa and Shizuoka! Right next to Lake Yamanaka, the largest lake of the Fuji 5 lakes! An easy lakeside camp site surrounded by trees in the nature! A world heritage and a perfect spot for summer, Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park!

Just in 10-second walk to Lake Yamanaka, the largest lake in Fuji 5 lakes. Can you ever have any other better experiences to feel the magnificent nature than looking at Mount Fuji from there?
The highlights of the site are “stars”, “trees”, “sunset”, “Lake Yamanaka” and “Mount. Fuji”.
As the site is surrounded by trees, the night view of Lake Yamanaka is especially stunning and lovely for the sparkling stars with minimal lights from other houses.
Go to the lakeside, and enjoy the sunset view of Lake Yamanaka and Mount Fuji.

Inside the site, you can also enjoy the sun rays penetrating from the tree lines, which color your camping experience with joys.
All facilities in the site are specially designed as bigger for your boarder, pressure-free enjoyment!

Facility information

  • Location

    (Previously Yamanaka Ryo Tsukuba University)

    479 Hirano, Yamanakako-Mura, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture
    Google Map Link

  • Transportation

    * Higashi Fujigoko Road, 15 minutes from “Yamanakako IC”
    * Chuo Highway, 30 minutes from “Kawaguchi IC”
    * Tomei Highway, 25 minutes from “Gotenba IC”

    * Chuo Bus
    - From Shinjuku (For Hirano) à2hrs 20 mins à Get off from “Bugakusou Mae”, 7-min walk
    - From Shinjuku (For Lake Yamanaka) à2hrs 15 mins à “Asahigaoka”, 20 minutes walk

    * Chuo Line
    - Shinjuku à 1hr 15 mins à Ohtsuki à (Fuji Express 50 minutes) à Mount Fuji à (Bus for Hirano, 25 minutes) àKeio Sansou Mae à 5-min walk
    - Shinjuku – (Approx.. 2 hours) à(Bus for Hirano, 25 minutes) àKeio Sansou Mae à 5-min walk"

  • Parking

    JPY 2,500 for 1 car
    JPT 1,500 for 1 car

    Good for automobiles, camping cars, and motorbikes

  • ・Opening Hours

    Open throughout the year
    Early February to End of November
    December to January (Sat & Sun)

  • ・Credit Card Payment


  • ・Nearby Facilities

    Supermarket, hospital, convenient store, home center, day-trip hot spa

  • ・On-site Facilities

    shower rooms, garbage collection spot, laundry machine, washlet toilet, kiosk, vending machines, cooking block, pantry, AC power supply

  • ・Events & Activities

    Barbecue, fishing, sky-observatory, starry sky, canoe, hiking, insect-catching, flower-watching

  • ・Wi-Fi


staying plan

  • ・Facility Name / Plan Name

    Permanent Lotus Belle Tent (with electric devices & AC supply)

  • ・Fee

    From JPY 25,000

  • ・Head Count Limit

    Up to 4 persons

  • ・Rental Items

    Beddings, low table, lighting

    No BBQ stoves and bon fire cooking stands

  • ・AC supply


  • ・Food Serving


  • ・Check-in

    01:00 p.m.

  • ・Check-out

    11:00 a.m.

100% charge for 3 days advanced (05:00 p.m.) to same day cancellation
No BBQ stove and bon fire cooking stand
Admission fee (Nature protection fee)...JPY 300 for 1 entrance of 1 person aged 3 or above)


Reservation only available for plans go with online payment

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