Forest-walks, natural hot spas

Verga-Verdant Garden

A site with natural hot spas, water plays and relaxing forest walks for close contact with nature! Just a 3-min and a 10-min walk to nearby hot spa!

A camp site inside a forest in the mountain foot of the Alps in southern Yamanashi prefecture, which is famous for its crystal-clear water. Commonly it’s a site exclusive with families with children, now open for all campers in its “A Little Japanese-style fixed-tent site C”. The plan comes with a camping-kit, variety goods in Japanese style. (The tent is made in Japan as well!)
You can also try the natural hot spa with super-high density and the water play at Ogaragawa river, the 100-beautiful water selection in Japan, within a walking distance,

What about being surrounded by splendid trees in the forest and enjoy a precise time with your family?

Facility information

  • Location

    8056 Shirasu, Hakushu-machi, Hokuto-shi, Yamanashi Prefecture
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  • Transportation

    Driving- Sutama IC of Chuo Highway, approx.. 25 mins
    Railway- Take a taxi from JR Chuo line Kobuchi station, approx.. 25 mins."

  • Parking

    Good for automobiles, camping cars, and motorbikes

  • ・Opening Hours

    Open in a limited period: From early April to early January

  • ・Credit Card Payment


  • ・Nearby Facilities

    Supermarket, convenience store, day trip hot spa

  • ・On-site Facilities

    Hot bath, shower rooms, garbage collection spot, laundry, washlet toilet, restaurants, canteen, kiosk, vending machines, cooking block, pantry, AC power supply

  • ・Events & Activities

    Barbecue, fishing, sky-observatory, river water play, hiking, dog run, insects-catching, flower-watching and New Year Eve camping

  • ・Wi-Fi


staying plan

  • ・Facility Name / Plan Name

    "A little" Japanese-style fixed tent site C

  • ・Fee

    From JPY 23,500

  • ・Head Count Limit

    Up to 4 persons

  • ・Rental Items

    Tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, table, chair, lantern, bon fire cooking stand, bon fire cooking hangers, gas stove, BBQ stove, coolant box, utensil-kit, cooking set (pot, fry pan, boxes, tongs, ladle, turner, knives, chopping board)


  • ・AC supply


  • ・Food Serving


  • ・Check-in

    03:00 p.m. to 05:00p.m.

  • ・Check-out


* No cancellation is accepted through phone calls or emails. Edit or cancel your booking over the Internet.

[30% charge for cancellation of 2 to 10 days in advance]
[50% charge for cancellation on the previous day]
[100% charge for same day cancellation or no show]
* Return all cooking tools and utensils after use.
* No gas stove or open fire inside tent or at bungalow, poisoning may be caused.
* Penalties for losing or over-using camping items. Kindly handle all items with care.
* Additional charges for expendables


Reservation only available for plans go with online payment

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